5th Level Wood Elf Fighter


During the events that occurred at Mount Fresa, Yunea and Ryhar were enjoying a peaceful vacation in his hometown of Agen, having stayed in relative comfort ever since they split ways with Aras and his allies after the events at the Halls of Sepna Austir.

Though Yunea enjoyed her stay in Agen, word of mouth traveled and informed them that the Legion had been stopped at Mount Fresa. Figuring that his crazy old companion Aras must have had some part in this, Ryhar had an urge to attempt to go find them on the highroads before the Green Swordsman could get his allies into more danger.

After Ryhar announced his intentions to go find their old allies, Yunea asked him if he wanted to go for Aras’s sake or if he still had a fancy for the green-clad wood elf. Though he denied it, Yunea was able to immediately see through his lie – knowing he wasn’t very concerned about the Green Swordsman, and was rather anxious to find Fiva again.

Ryhar and Yunea set out from Agen after they finished preparations for a journey on the high roads – Yunea content to be traveling with her companion, though she was certain that the Half-Elf was lying about his reasons for leaving Agen.


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