Ancient Spirit Dragon


The namesake of the Legion of Vas itself, Vas was originally the second black dragon created by Dasanar, the God of Death.

Long ago Vas killed the first black dragon Ennios due to that dragon’s neutral leanings towards humanity and other humanoid races upon Iellos – Vas intended to see that Dasanar’s wish of all of Iellos being destroyed was accomplished. Though Dasanar was destroyed by the other deities in the pantheon during the AC600s, Vas continued on with the god of death’s quest to utterly eliminate the world of Iellos. Having formed his own army by the AC1000s within the Shadow plane, Vas attempted to first take control of Iellos during the 1st War of the Reign during the AC1220’s. The war failed, as Vas himself was slain during the Battle of North Ahrean Mount Ravinfel by Agnoth. Though Vas was killed in the battle by the legendary swordsman, Vas used his final moments of life in order to take Agnoth’s friend Anatos to his death as well, as the dragon and war mage fell off the mountaintop.

Though the black dragon’s physical body was destroyed, Vas’s spirit remained in the world of Iellos via the armor of an unknown warrior. It is unknown who the individual was before Vas soulbonded to the armor.

Bitter with his defeat at the hands of Agnoth during the 1st War of the Reign, Vas waited nearly four decades after the war despite his vicious urge to slay Agnoth – intent to wait out the hero’s lifespan before attempt to begin war anew with the Kingdom Ahrea and the other various republics upon the Ahrea continents. It was rumored that Vas and Agnoth met once more upon the battlefield atop Mount Ravinfel during the AC1240s in a battle that ended in Agnoth’s demise, though these rumors were never determined to be true or false.

As time passed, Vas became confident in his newly reformed Legion as Agnoth and his Band of Light passed from public knowledge. Being certain that the only remaining member of the Band of Light was Lord Ennor of the Ia’Nellsa Republic, Vas officially began the 2nd War of the Reign by AC1259. The worldwide conflict saw the fall of the majority of the continent of Norncrast and the splintering of the Alenosan continent via the elven kingdoms’ War of Oak Crowns. Though Vas was content with seeing those continents fall to ruin and control under his Legion, he kept a close eye on the Ahrea continents – seeing those lands as the grand achievement in his campaign to take Iellos as his owns. Though the dwarven-dominated continent of Bria proved to hold it’s own against the Legion forces, Vas paid them little mind as he sought to eliminate the peoples of Ahrea – a forty year blood oath renewed as he prepared to have his vengeance against the Kingdom Ahrea.

During the events of Mount Fresa, multiple clandestine units of his Legion spread into the South Ahrea continent, joining those that had remained since the 1st War of the Reign and supporting those that had invaded North Ahrea the year previous. Vas’s ultimate plan for Yardvenn‘s expeditionary force was to open a portal upon Mount Fresa to the Shadow realm – where a steady stream of reinforcement troops and allied dragons would be able to directly invade Ahrea upon it’s own land. It was assumed that this would utterly wipe out the Kingdom Ahrea’s military within a month’s time, and prevent the Kingdom from utilizing the swords Ravinal or Gwenthal against Vas himself. Though Vas was unsure where Ravinal had ended up after Agnoth’s disappearance, the dragon felt confident that it was no longer able to be retrieved, and allowed Yardvenn to launch the expedition to open the Fresa portal.

Even though the Battle of Mount Fresa ended in a victory for the Kingdom Ahrea, Vas ultimately cared little – though it was now certain that most likely thousands of his own troops would die in a conventional war with the Kingdom, Vas was certain that he would finally outright destroy the Ahrea continents regardless of the methods he used to take them.


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