Sir Gardsol

? Level Human Cleric, Headmaster of the Order of Ayer


The father of Selea Gardsol, Sir Gardsol is the Grandmaster of the Kingdom Ahrea’s Order of Ayer.

Sir Gardsol was unaware of his daughter’s whereabouts during the events that occurred at Mount Fresa, only finding out that she was at that battle once Adgar informed him about her activity. Though Sir Gardsol was agitated that Adgar allowed her to join such a dangerous quest, Adgar reassured him that Selea was safe from harm and had successfully aided his party in preventing a portal being opened on the mountain.

Sir Gardsol was delighted with the news of his daughter’s heroics, as though he had banished her from the Order, he was still concerned with her well-being – being very proud that she had served her Kingdom so well.

Though he was concerned with the news of Legion of Vas troops within South Ahrea, Sir Gardsol pledged his continuing support of King Windsor the 2nd, having his clerics serve as a secondary unit for the Kingdom Ahrea military.

Sir Gardsol

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