Lord Vanatos

? Level Human Fighter


The human face of the Legion of Vas, Lord Vanatos is the presiding commander of the Legion war effort during the 2nd War of the Reign.

It is unknown where Vanatos came from or his history prior to AC1259, where he invoked the Draconians of the world in participate in the “Uprisings of Vas” against the humanoid and demi-human populations of Iellos.

Regardless, it is known that Vas himself resides within Vanatos’s armor, having soulbonded to it at some point in the past after his body was destroyed at the Battle of Mount Ravinfel.

Lord Vanatos personally sent Yardvenn to Mount Fresa in order to open a portal there in order to link the Kingdom Ahrea to the Shadow plane upon Vas’s order, though he shared in Vas’s dismissal of the Legion’s defeat at Mount Fresa and Yardvenn’s death – having already prepared for the Legion’s next plans for the renewed war with the Kingdom Ahrea.

Lord Vanatos

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