1st Level Human Fighter


Level 1 -
Strength: +3
Constitution: 0
Dexterity: -2
Intelligence: -2
Wisdom: -2
Charisma: -2
HP: 20
AC: 14

Statistics -
Race: Human
Class: Fighter
Hair: Black, Short
Facial Hair: Goatee, Black, Short
Eyes: Green
Weight: 190lb.
Age: 30
Height: 5’9"
Gear Shown: Battle Axe, Dagger.
Outfit: Scalemail (One arm of the armor missing), Brown Pants, Black Boots.


Kres attempts to help Aras, Fiva, and Gragus in the fight against Kor’Jagn. However, once Travner has turned on the party and kills Eliva, Kres hesitates upon watching her die in front of him. This mistake costs him his life, as Kor’Jagn slams his tail into Kres and sends the fighter into the wall – splattering him and leaving a hole where he made contact.


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