King Windsor the 2nd

0 Level Human King of South Ahrea


The King of South Ahrea, Windsor the 2nd controlled of one of the most powerful individual Kingdoms upon the entire world of Iellos.

Though the Kingdom Ahrea was beset by a civil war with it’s subjects in North Ahrea by AC1260, and suffering from it’s failed attempt to claim the Alenosa Kingdom of Pel’Nae as it’s own territory, King Windsor the 2nd continues to guide his Kingdom to what he perceives as it’s place as the most powerful Kingdom upon Iellos.

However, during the events that occurred on Mount Fresa, the King grew concerned upon hearing reports of the Legion of Vas landing upon North Ahrea and claiming territory there. Unwilling to provide aid to his subjects there, however, the King prepared himself for a renewed war with the Legion on the South Ahrea continent.

After the events at Mount Fresa concluded, Adgar returned to the King’s Council in order to inform him that the fears were true – the Legion intended to start a new conflict with the Kingdom Ahrea.

Left without recourse, King Windsor the 2nd prepared his Kingdom’s defenses for a new conflict, only being able to wait until the Legion presented itself upon the South Ahrea continent.

King Windsor the 2nd

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