K'Rena Shi Os Aeir

5th Level Dark Elf Rogue


During the events that occurred at Mount Fresa, K’Rena continued her life as a militia guard of the Nar’Sana Republic. Despite the embarrassment of being a noble’s daughter and still only being in such a lowly position, K’Rena performed her duties of defending the Republic wholeheartedly.

After the events at Mount Fresa concluded, K’Rena was witness to a large public gathering on behalf of the Legion of Vas – with one of the key speakers being her sister Kala. Lady Kala had risen through the ranks of the Nar’Sana Militia while K’Rena herself remained a simple guard and Kala was newly announced as having been newly commissioned into the ranks of the Legion as one of their newest Field Commanders. Kala attempted to rally her fellow dark elven kin into open rebellion and opposition of the Kingdom Ahrea – stating that the Kingdom had intentionally stunted the growth and prosperity of their kind for an entire generation now after the 1st War of the Reign. She states that now is the time to declare war upon the Kingdom – and that they should aid the Legion of Vas in their declaration of war as well.

The majority of the people present at the speech decided to willing join the ranks of the Legion upon her urging – swelling and bolstering the Legion’s presence within South Ahrea.

However, K’Rena walked away from the event – as she was already not at ease with the killing of civilians that she has committed as a border guard, and unwilling to aid a cause that she felt would lead to the deaths of countless more. She tore off the patches indicating she was part of the Nar’Sana Militia from her uniform as she left the event, and returned to her barracks. She then cut the sleeves off of her coat and packed her things – sneaking off and deserting Nar’Sana as she headed out to the surface to the Rosan Wastelands. Once she has made above ground, she donned her white cape for the first time – having intended to go to the Castle Ahrea itself and inform them of the fact that the Nar’Sana Republic wishes to go to war.

She was aware it was a risky mission, as the people of South Ahrea did not care for her kin and she would be hunted down by her own people for having deserted – but she knew she must do so in order to help innocents on both sides of the conflict live through the times ahead of them.

K'Rena Shi Os Aeir

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