Field Commander Zanthros

? Level Human Paladin


A former Knight of the Western Riders of the Kingdom Ahrea, Zanthros defected to the Legion of Vas during the events of the 1st War of the Reign in AC1219. It is unknown why Zanthros defected to the Legion, as he had valiantly defended his hometown of Yaegstad from the Legion forces before he defected.

As the years passed since the 1st War of the Reign, Zanthros led portions of the original force that had invaded Ahrea to outlaying islands in the Tar’Saes sea, and trained them in preparation for a new war. He finally received his wish when Lord Vanatos came to power, who intended to claim the Kingdom Ahrea.

Intent from rescuing his homeland from what he perceived to be the corrupt rule of King Windsor the 2nd, Zanthros gladly became the Grand Field Commander in charge of the Legion’s Ahrea Campaign – looking to unite his homeland under the banner of the Legion of Vas.

During the events that occurred on Mount Fresa, Zanthros had already inserted his battalion into the Arndale Wood of South Ahrea along with Field Commander Iresoth – having successfully managed to hide their units without detection by the Kingdom Ahrea military. They awaited further orders from Lord Vanatos, of which their initial plan to seize Ahrea territory hinged upon the successful opening of a portal upon Mount Fresa in order to reinforce the battalions Zanthros and Iresoth commanded.

However, a lone trooper wandered into their camp after the conclusion of the events at Mount Fresa – informing them that the Legion had been defeated at the Mountain. They were shocked to find out that only a few individuals defeated Yarvdenn’s company, and even more so when they learned that the Book of the Realms itself was destroyed in the battle – with that book unable to be used, the hope of being able to quickly overwhelm the Kingdom Ahrea military in one sweep was now gone.

Fearful for the losses the Legion would incur after their initial plan had failed, Zanthros nevertheless settled his command to prepare for a prolonged war with the Kingdom Ahrea – and awaited the order from Lord Vanatos to begin an attack upon Castle Ahrea itself.

Field Commander Zanthros

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