Field Commander Iresoth

? Level Human Paladin


A former Knight of the Southern Riders and the mentor of Alahar, Iresoth betrayed the Kingdom Ahrea and defected to the Legion of Vas during the Kingdom’s failed attempt to claim the failed kingdom of Pel’Nae during the Alenosan War of Oak Crowns in AC1260.

Quickly attaining the rank of Field Commander due to his former station in the Kingdom Ahrea, Iresoth was assigned by Lord Vanatos to be one of several Field Commanders that would lead the Legion forces against the Kingdom Ahrea in a planned war in AC1262.

During the events that occurred on Mount Fresa, Iresoth had already inserted his battalion into the Arndale Wood of South Ahrea along with Field Commander Zanthros – having successfully managed to hide their units without detection by the Kingdom Ahrea military. They awaited further orders from Lord Vanatos, of which their initial plan to seize Ahrea territory hinged upon the successful opening of a portal upon Mount Fresa in order to reinforce the battalions Zanthros and Iresoth commanded.

However, a lone trooper wandered into their camp after the conclusion of the events at Mount Fresa – informing them that the Legion had been defeated at the Mountain. They were shocked to find out that only a few individuals defeated Yarvdenn’s company, and even more so when they learned that the Book of the Realms itself was destroyed in the battle – with that book unable to be used, the hope of being able to quickly overwhelm the Kingdom Ahrea military in one sweep was now gone.

Though he was disappointed in Yardvenn’s failure at Mount Fresa, Iresoth remained confident in his division, however – and awaited the order from Lord Vanatos to begin an attack upon Castle Ahrea itself.

Field Commander Iresoth

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