5th Level Human Paladin of Gwersha


Alahar was a Knight of the Kingdom Ahrea, and was Sir Diagus‘s 2nd in Command for the Southern Riders due to Alahar’s heritage.

Though Alahar was shaken by the loss of his mentor Iresoth after the failed Kingdom Ahrea campaign to claim the Alanosan Kingdom of Pel’Nae as it’s territory in AC1260, the knight continued to train directly under Sir Diagus, and proved himself to be a capable fighter – if a bit inexperienced despite his actions in the Pel’Nae campaign.

Alahar continued to pine for Selea after their time in Alenosa, as the duties of their stations required them to be separated with almost the entire South Ahrea continent between them after the Pel’Nae campaign. His drive to impress his hometown love inspired him, however – and he swore a promise to himself that one day he would led the Southern Riders with her by his side in marriage. As such he continued to diligently train under Sir Diagus’s command, and was eventually appointed to lead the Southern Riders once Sir Diagus was unfit for the position. Though Sir Diagus appointed Alahar to the post himself upon King Windsor the 2nd‘s orders, the commander of the unit had his reservations – unsure if his new subordinate would be fit to command the Riders after his eventual passing. Regardless, Sir Diagus began training Alahar for the eventual command he would have to undertake – noting that the young knight’s ambition surpassed even that of their former ally Sir Iresoth.

During the events that occurred at Mount Fresa, Alahar was summoned to the King’s Council for the first time – the knight finding himself now directly advising the King on the military strategies they needed to uphold for the Kingdom Ahrea to maintain it’s borders. He found this to be overwhelming, as the first issue they faced was that of the Legion of Vas being found to have placed clandestine units within South Ahrea itself. Though Alahar called for open war against the Legion with Sir Diagus’s backing, the King found it more fit to allow the Legion to commit acts of war first – not wanting to strike at an enemy that could use it’s political ties across the world of Iellos to it’s advantage and cause the Kingdom Ahrea to enter a multi-national conflict on it’s own land.

After the events that occurred at Mount Fresa concluded, Alahar was surprised to have found that Selea had actually fought against such a clandestine Legion unit during the battle for Mount Fresa – along with her father Sir Gardsol. Though both were assured by Adgar that the cleric was safe from harm, Sir Gardsol requested Alahar to personally verify Selea’s safety – though Alahar was unable to accept this quest due to the war preparations that the Southern Riders needed to undertake. After the King ordered the Southern Riders to mobilize, Alahar remained with Sir Diagus to oversee the efforts to hunt down the Legion’s units within South Ahrea – though he became concerned for Selea’s safety as her whereabouts were unknown.

Eager to set her father’s mind at ease, Alahar kept a vigilant watch during the patrols he undertook – hoping that he would find her on his own travels.


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