Ahrea Sidestory: Soul Of The Burning Mountain

Epilogue: Events in Motion - Kingdom Ahrea at the Dawn of War

Legion of Vas Field Commanders Iresoth and Zanthros eagerly await news of the victory upon Mount Fresaa as their divisions wait within the Ardale Wood of South Ahrea. These two are tasked with holding ground until the portal upon the mountain is opened – granting them several more divisions to crush the opposition they’d face at Durden, Iranel, Neras, and several other major cities along the western half of the South Ahrea continent. However, a lone trooper wanders into their camp – informing them that the Legion had been defeated at the Mountain. They are shocked to find out that only a few individuals defeated Yarvdenn’s company, and even more so when they learn that the Book of the Realms itself was destroyed in the battle – with that book unable to be used, the hopes of being able to quickly overwhelm the Kingdom Ahrea military in one sweep are now gone – and now their tactics will have to be adjusted to coordinate for the lack of intended troops on this side of the conflict. Zanthros and Iresoth are confident in their divisions, however – and await the order from Lord Vanatos to begin an attack upon Castle Ahrea itself.

In the Republic of Nar’Sana within the Rosan Wastelands, K’Rena is witness to a large public gathering on behalf of the Legion of Vas – with one of the key speakers being her sister Kala. Lady Kala has risen through the ranks of the Nar’Sana Militia while K’Rena herself remained a simple guard (despite the fact they’re both the daughters of a noble), and Kala now holds the distinction of having been newly commissioned into the ranks of the Legion as one of their newest Field Commanders. Kala attempts to rally her fellow dark elven kin into open rebellion and opposition of the Kingdom Ahrea – stating that the Kingdom has intentionally stunted the growth and prosperity of their kind for an entire generation now. She states that now is the time to declare war upon the Kingdom – and that the Legion will soon do so as well. She further goes on to say that once the Nar’Sana Republic has defeated the Kingdom, her kind will go on an quest of erradication – they will wipe out all life that had ruined their cities on the surface and forced their people underground.

The majority of the people present do decide to willing join the ranks of the Legion upon her urging – swelling and bolstering the Legion’s presence within South Ahrea.

However, K’Rena walks away from the event – already not at ease with the killing of civilians that she has committed, and unwilling to aid a cause that will lead to the deaths of countless more. She tears off the patches indicating she is part of the Nar’Sana Militia from her uniform as she leaves the event, and returns to her barracks. She then cuts the sleeves off of her coat and packs her things – sneaking off and deserting Nar’Sana as she heads out to the surface. Once she has made it above ground, she dons her white cape for the first time – intending to go to the Castle Ahrea itself and informing them of the fact that the Nar’Sana Republic wishes to go to war. She knows it’s a risky mission, as the people of South Ahrea do not care for her kin and she will be hunted down by her own people for having deserted – but she knows she must in order to help innocents live through the times ahead.

Adgar finally returns to the Castle Ahrea, and interrupts a meeting between King Windsor the 2nd, Commander Diagus of the Southern Guard, Sir Gardsol of the Order of Ayer (Selea’s father), and Diagus’s 2nd in command Alahar. Adgar apologizes for his interruption but cheerfully announces that the Legion was defeated upon Mount Fresaa. The other three are excited by the news – though Sir Gardsol and Alahar become frantic once they have heard Selea was involved in the battle. Adgar informs the two that she is quite fine and alright, and though Alahar is already rearing to go look for her, Adgar informs her that she’ll wander back when the time is right. Adgar in turn is informed of the rapidly decaying situation as unconfirmed reports of the Legion being active in all sorts of various places around South Ahrea – leading all present to agree that all efforts to prepare for war must be taken. Adgar notes that he will seek out an old friend, and will return shortly. Diagus and Alahar depart to return to Fort Rhina, though Alahar begins wondering if Selea will be safe during the coming days.

In the meantime, Ryhar and Yunea are enjoying a peaceful vacation in his hometown of Agen, having stayed in relative comfort ever since they split ways with Aras and friends after the events at the Halls of Sepna Austir. Though Rhyar’s rather content to stay where he is, word of mouth travels and informs them that the Legion had been stopped at Mount Fresaa. Immediately knowing that his crazy old companion Aras must have had some part in this, Ryhar gets an urge to attempt to go find them on the roads before something to the tune of another “Sepna” situation can occur again. Yunea asks him if he’s going for Aras’s sake or if he still has a fancy for that green-clad wood elf, to which he boldly denies any fancy for Fiva. Yunea sighs as she watches Ryhar prepare to take off (and realizes that his claims that he has no fancy for Fiva are outright lies), and she begins preparing their wagon for travel.

In the meantime, Gorg finds himself yet again in another tavern in Durden – avoiding public notice as he prefers to keep to himself and not hear any more about his exploits. He gets a sudden feeling that something isn’t right, however – and turns around to see that Adgar is sitting down next to him. Gorg asks the wizard how bad things are if Adgar had to go track him down – and Adgar replies that they’re rather bad. Gorg grimly nods in reply, and the two leave the tavern without finishing their drinks.

In the meantime, Aras, Fiva, and Selea are still traveling the High Roads of South Ahrea, until they wander into a small village. As they take a break, Aras comes across a flyer – one for a trading company looking for sellswords in search of a share of treasure. Though Fiva as always is just a little squeamish when asked if it’s okay for him to go on yet another potentially dangerous quest, Fiva accepts – as she’s sure they’ll be fine. Aras nods, but looks troubled. He tells her there’s one thing he wants to do before they go, however – telling her that they’re going somewhere she has always wanted to visit.

After several days, Aras has her wear a blindfold as they continue on – taking it off of her when they’ve reached the destination he had in mind. She becomes estatic when she realizes where he’s taken her – as they’re standing on the western coast of South Ahrea. She gives him her thanks in appreciation, and runs out to jump into the sea – barely remembering to take her boots off before diving in. Aras and Selea watch on as Fiva enjoys the sea, and it’s rather obvious that Aras looks content in the fact that Fiva’s happy.

It’s also apparent that he somehow has taken the bandages that Aya made out of her cloak for him and utilized them in his adventuring gear – having wrapped them on his utility belt. In a way, it’s a momento that he’s obviously carrying on him.

Still camped out upon Mount Fresaa, Aya finds herself in deep prayer as she yet again asks Krios for guidance in her life. The God of Night answers her prayers yet again by sending a star over the direction of the village of Norvale – to which she comments is odd, but says that she fully trusts in his decision making. After changing back into her normal traveling outfit, she breaks camp and sets out immediately during the night – stating that she figures that she’ll find whatever she needs in the village.

In an unknown location, Lord Vanatos is informed of Yarvdenn’s death and the failure of the expedition to Mount Fresaa. Vanatos simply laughs and insults the informant by telling him that he only had useless information to report, and that it ultimately doesn’t matter. As the informant leaves, Vanatos states that all things will soon end anyways – the spirit of Vas himself emanating and revealing it’s true self after rising from Vanatos’s armor. Vas states that things will return to the way they were, and the way they should be.



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