Ahrea Sidestory: Soul Of The Burning Mountain

Session 3

Fiva leads Aras and Selea through the Gradnel Wood, using her superior tracking skills in an attempt to find the band of draconians responsible for the attack on the farm. Though Aras seems rather confident about being able to find and rescued the captives, Selea is much less sure about their odds. Though she’s from the region, her family stayed away from the Gradnel Wood for a reason – all sorts of terrible things wander about freely within the woods. Fiva carries on without much concern – intending to make sure that Aras survives when they do enter battle.

Eventually, they come up across the band responsible for the attack – complete with the six captives they were informed about. Another Dakrahn leads this band, and seems to be content on heading northwards to some unknown destination. Fiva tells the two to wait on their attack, however, and scampers on ahead.

The draconians are immediately surprised by a wood elf hanging out of a tree above them and shooting towards them, and in the confusion Aras and Selea get into the fight. Selea finds herself in danger as she finds herself against a much quicker dakan while she can barely swing her mace – but rectifies it by enchanting a stone and knocking the creature out with it. Aras in the meantime engages the leader – getting himself almost killed when he gets too confident in his swordplay skills, but manages to win out due his tendency to use his crossbow as a secret weapon.

Fiva’s rather upset due to Aras’s recklessness during the fight, but keeps reserved while she helps him save the captives. One introduces himself as Gragus, and the other as Travner. The others introduce themselves as Eliva, Alenn, Kres, and Nardoss – all of them having been accompanying Gragus as his personal party of assistants.

Travner informs the trio that the reason his group was captured was that they had encountered a Legion of Vas plot – though the thief is uneager to explain how or why. Torn between deciding what to do, the trio debate whether to investigate the Legion plot further or if they should just return to the farm. Unable to come to a conclusion and with night setting in, they make camp – though Aras stays up the night in order to guard the other two in the event this party attempts to attack them. Gragus stays up with him, and Aras immediately bonds with this fellow due to their discussion of the world and why it needs people to defend it.

Morning breaks as a mysterious figure approaches the camp – despite Aras’s suspicions of an attack, it turns out that Adgar the wizard has found them. He immediately recognizes the party the trio had saved as the individuals he was looking for, and requests them to return to Iranel with him. Selea is rather excited as Iranel is her hometown, and gladly wishes to go there. Somewhat confused by the somewhat familiar green wizard, Fiva none the less comes along as Aras gets involved in yet another plan to assist people he doesn’t know.

Adgar takes the group to Iranel (about a three day trip through the Gradnel Woods), and they meet Wekus, an older gnome who apparently is some sort of friend to Adgar. As they travel around Iranel, Aras notices that the redheaded girl that had been following him around since he had left North Ahrea is trailing behind them, but loses sight of her when he turns around to confront her.

Finding a suitable meeting location, Adgar cuts to the chase of things – Travner’s group had come across the high elven ruins on top of Mount Fresa, and had apparently been looking for a “Book of the Planes”, essentially a book containing a permanent spell to link a spot on the material plane to it’s coordinated point on the plane of shadows. The Legion is also attempting to find this relic for whatever unknown reason, though Adgar goes to speculate that they intend to use it to make a staging point for a renewed war. All sorts of terrible things could emerge if such a link was made – dragons specifically – and Adgar requests all of those in attendance to help him find the relic before it falls into the wrong hands.

Almost immediately Aras volunteers to go, though Fiva interjects with her fears of such a quest being a suicide mission against the Legion of Vas. She’s calmed down by Adgar, who’s claims of assuring that Aras will remain safe ease her mind (if just slightly). Selea fears that she has gotten herself into a terrible mess, but feels obligated to assist against a known enemy, and agrees. Travner and Gragus also agree to help – knowing where to look for the relic, having almost found it but having to turn around due to the odd “snakelike” creatures inside. The rest of Gragus’s party agree to assist – Kres, Nardoss, and Alenn seem to be far more interested in the gold and treasure then what Adgar is requesting assistance with, though Eliva seems to be interested in helping the wizard reclaim the book.

Regardless of the monsters inside, however, Adgar determines that the relic is too important to leave sitting around, and plans to move first to retrieve it. It is a nearly month-long journey to Mount Fresa, and Adgar moves out to gather supplies for his new party.

Fiva and Aras head out to the tavern later, and she begins discussing why she fears that he intends to get himself killed one day – thinking this is some pattern that will never end. Aras can’t immediately interject with any thoughtful commentary to the opposite, and remains quiet. The two notice that the odd redhead woman that has followed them before is now in the tavern, but she disappears before they can confront her.

As they retire to their inn room, Fiva cuddles up next to him on his bed, despite the fact she has her own bed – informing him that she wants to hold onto her dearest friend in the event something goes wrong in the future. Aras spends more then a few hours wide awake while she trances next to him, knowing much of what she says is rather true – feeling regret over how he’s unable to live a peaceful life in the way she wants to.



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