Ahrea Sidestory: Soul Of The Burning Mountain

Session 2

A Kingdom Ahrea trooper is caught by the dakans, and is about to be executed by them after he attempted to defend the civilians. He cries out that the Kingdom will not fall to these creatures, though appears to be prepared for what’s about to happen to him as a dakan prepares to swing an axe down on him.

Without hesitation and much to Fiva’s dismay, Aras immediately rushes in and shoots the dakan at point black range with his crossbow. His old instincts set in – finding himself up against some 12-18 of the draconians, and immediately begins plotting how he’ll defend everyone behind him. After securing the Kingdom trooper with Selea and Fiva, he instructs them to stay behind as he rushes headlong into another fray.

As the two watch on, the Kingdom trooper informs Fiva and Selea that there’s even more captured people inside the burning barn nearby – the draconians are intending to just let the majority of the people burn to death inside. Rather concerned about this, Selea and Fiva break into the barn and encounter another five dakans inside holding the captives in place. The two engage and kill the draconians, and Selea frees the captives. She notices that Fiva is jumping up further into the badly burning building, and yells at her to get out. Fiva informs her that Aras is going to need help, however, and disregards the cleric completely as she scampers to the top.

In the meantime, Aras wanders right in the middle of the fight – 5 humans are in a fight against a Dakrahn, and engages. He slays the Dakrahn easily, and informs the civilians to run away – which they quickly do so. He calmly walks towards the dakans preparing to fight him, and gets to work as he engages them.

He plans this rather well knowing Fiva’s concern, stepping out of the way for her to take out several from her position in the barn with her arrow fire. He begins cutting his way through, trying to end things as quickly as he can. Selea rushes the civilians out of the area, realizing that she has to go help even though she’s rather afraid to get into the fight. Fiva takes out a couple more from the barn, though she realizes her time is up and scampers on back down to the outside using the random poles and support beams to jump down. The two wander back towards Aras, but find that he’s taken out the remaining hostile dakans – causing a few more to run off in fear.

Aras takes a good look at his sword Kinsir while the other two catch up to him, realizing he doesn’t quite feel right (in fact, doesn’t feel alive at all) unless he’s in the middle of a fight. He realizes that there is where he makes the most difference in life, and where he can do the most good for the others he travels with and meets. It isn’t in him to settle down, by any means.

The three return to help out the civilians, and are given a number of thanks for their help. Aras inquires as to why the farm was attacked, and is informed that a party of six arrived the night before. They were in a rush to head to Durden, though two members of that party were wounded to the point of being bedridden. He finds out that the draconians attacked in order to find them, and captured that entire party before he, Fiva, and Selea arrived.

Intrigued by the fact the draconians were after that party specifically, and knowing they might be in grave danger, Aras decides to follow after the trail in order to attempt a rescue. Selea reluctantly agrees (having rather preferred to just do the original job offer of protecting the trade caravans rather than going on a dangerous mystery quest), and Fiva does so as well – realizing yet again that her best friend doesn’t ever intend on living up to his promise of putting the fighting man’s life behind. Despite her disappointment in him for throwing himself in harm’s way for no reason again, she goes with him – knowing he might end up dead if she doesn’t.

The trio leave the farm after receiving a few gifts for their services (and finally a meal!), intending to head further into the Gradnel Wood after the draconians.



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